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Suwalskie Lakes


The Suwałki region, known as the Polish cold pole, is an interesting and attractive land for tourists. In its landscape you can find many picturesque lakes, including the deepest Polesie lake Hańcza - scuba divers' favorite place. Here is also the largest of the Polish lakes - Wigry, which is...

In the Czarna Hańcza valley


There will be plenty of attractions in the Czarna Hańcza valley. It is one of the most beautiful rivers in the Nemunas river basin that flows through Poland and Belarus. It begins its run in the East Suwałki Lake District, and ends in Hańcza - the deepest of all Polish lakes. Wigry Lake is...

East Suwałki Lake District


The Lithuanian Lake District consists of several extremely attractive parts. One of the areas that make up it is the Eastern Suwałki Lake District. This area is distinguished by an interesting and very varied terrain. The banks of frontal moraines and other ice sheet memorabilia, as well as deep...