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Suwałki Landscape Park

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This is the oldest landscape park in Poland. It was created on January 12, 1976 (pursuant to Resolution No. III / 14/76 of the Provincial National Council in Suwałki). Its main purpose is to protect the postglacial landscape. It is located in the North-Suwałki Lake District, which is characterized by moraine hills, keme hills, river valleys and boulders. The current relief of the Suwałki Landscape Park was created during the Pleistocene (Glacial) and Holocene (Interglacial). It covers an area of ​​6284 ha and abounds in vast spaces with lakes, forests, rivers, meadows and fields. The park area belongs to the Nemunas river basin and is drained by Czarna Hańcza and Szeszupa. About 700 species of herbaceous plants can be found here (44 of them are under complete protection and 14 are under partial protection). The waters of the Suwałki Landscape Park are inhabited by 24 species of fish (including rare ones such as goat, brown-headed whale, burbot and eel). Among 140 species of birds, you can come across a bittern, kingfisher, goldeneye, nutcracker, black woodpecker or lesser spotted eagle. If here too many representatives of mammals, incl. bats, beavers, otters, ermine, weasels, raccoon dogs and badgers. In the park, we can also visit four nature reserves ("Rutka", "Głazowisko Bachanowo on the Czarna Hańcza", "Lake Hańcza" and "Głazowisko Łopuchowskie"), four ecological sites (lakes Jeglówek, Szurpiły, Kojle, Perty) and beautiful nature monuments . Tourists visiting the park should also see the historical monuments located here. At their disposal were, among others: the Molenna temple in Wodzki, the defensive stronghold of Jaćwingów, Stara Hańcza, the Church in Jeleniewo, a wooden chapel in Smolniki or Chałupa Klejmont. The hills from which picturesque landscapes stretch are also worth visiting: Góra Leszczynowa, Zamkowa Mountain, Góra Cisowa and Góra Kościelna. People staying in the park can move around using many cognitive paths ("To Castle Mountain", "Around Lake Jaczno", "Trees and bushes of the courtyard park in Stara Hańcza", "Dolina Czarnej Hańcza", "Porosty"), bicycle routes ("the Czarna Hańcza Valley from Suwałki to the Suwałki Landscape Park," Na Góra Zamkowa "," Around Lake Hańcza "," or walking routes. Tourists, thanks to the "Green School in Turtulu", throughout the year can enjoy educational activities about about the natural, historical and cultural aspects of the region.There is also a tourist information point, tourist equipment rental and accommodation places. There are also youth hostels in Jeleniewo, Smolniki and Błaskowizna.


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